Container Security and Tracking: Ensuring cargo safety and tracking throughout the container shipping journey

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Shipping containers play a significant role in shipping heavy goods worldwide. Therefore, businesses must ensure that they are in appropriate condition and no damage is done to them while shipping. They are available in different sizes and types, and hence, their security is essential. Container security can be done effectively if you pay keen attention to the condition of your container. There are many ways to secure your container, and in this post, we will discuss. 

Some helpful tips to ensure you are looking after your shipping container 

Many businesses’ growth depends upon the safe arrival of their shipment. If, during shipment, any damage occurs to the container, then consequences may turn into a disaster. So, it becomes crucial to maintain container security for the operators. Here are a few tips which can ensure that there is no damage done to your shipment container. 

Use good quality locks– Once the shipment is loaded inside the container, ensure that the container is locked with some high-quality locks. Only use trusted brands that have some image in the market. Using any ordinary lock may give thieves a chance to steal all the goods from the container by breaking it. Disc locks or hardened steel padlocks are good options to be considered. 

Ensure the container is sealed– You need an additional layer of security when it comes to container security. Use a temper-evident seal to protect your cargo. The advantage of having such a seal is that an unknown person can’t access your container, and the goods will be delivered safely to their destination. 

Preventing Smuggling– Criminal organizations may use containers to smuggle illegal goods such as drugs or weapons across borders. By implementing proper security measures, authorities can detect and prevent these illicit activities.

Mitigating Risks– Containers may be exposed to various risks during transport, such as extreme weather conditions or accidents that could damage or compromise their contents. Ensuring proper security protocols can minimize these risks.

Container Tracking Software– Advanced cargo tracking software uses GPS technology to monitor containers’ movements from origin to destination. This software provides real-time updates on the location and condition of containers, including temperature and humidity levels inside them. It also allows stakeholders to set up alerts for specific events, such as delays or route changes.

Impact of Container Security on Supply Chain Efficiency

Container security plays a crucial role in the overall efficiency of supply chain management. With the exponential growth in global trade and transportation, there has been a significant increase in the volume of container shipments. This has led to an increased risk of cargo theft, tampering, and smuggling. As a result, ensuring container security has become a top priority for logistics companies and supply chain managers.

The impact of container security on supply chain efficiency can be seen throughout the entire shipping journey – from manufacturer to end consumer. In this section, we will delve into how container security measures can improve supply chain efficiency at different stages of the shipping process.

1. Improved Inventory Management: Container tracking technologies such as GPS tracking devices or RFID tags enable real-time monitoring of containers throughout their journey. This provides accurate location and status information, allowing logistics companies to have better control over inventory management. With timely updates on the whereabouts of containers, businesses can optimize their inventory levels, reduce stock-outs and overstocking, and ensure timely delivery to customers.

2. Reduced Risk of Cargo Theft: According to statistics from FreightWatch International, cargo theft costs shippers around $30 billion annually globally. By implementing stringent container security measures such as tamper-proof seals, electronic locks, or access controls, along with advanced tracking systems, logistics companies can significantly reduce the risk of cargo theft. This not only safeguards valuable goods but also prevents delays and disruptions in the supply chain due to stolen or lost containers.


As we have explored in this article, container security and tracking play a critical role in ensuring the safe and efficient movement of cargo throughout the container shipping journey. From the point of origin to its final destination, containers must be closely monitored and secured to prevent any potential risks or losses.

The advancements in technology have greatly improved the methods and tools used for container security and tracking. While technology has revolutionized container security and monitoring, human intervention remains a crucial factor in ensuring cargo safety. Well-trained personnel (like Glaube Logistics) should regularly inspect containers for signs of damage or tampering before loading them onto ships.

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