Factory Relocation: Case Study

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Factory relocation service in Glaube Logistics

Anyone who has done it knows that it’s no easy task, and anyone who’s thought about it probably knows that it’s daunting to even consider.

After all, these are just a few of the factors to take into account when relocating. 

Finding the right facility, breaking down, moving, and re-installing machinery and equipment it’s a lot but despite those challenges the benefits of relocating your factory can be numerous and far-reaching.

In fact, many of those perceived hurdles offer benefits, when done properly and approached with the right mind-set.

The Challenge

Glaube logistics was assigned to relocate complete factory equipment from Al Kharj to Jeddah industrial area, based on the scope we had to load the cargo from the factory and offload the cargo to the factory in Jeddah.

Factory Relocation Services

No small undertaking, factory relocation still offers immense benefits once you overcome the initial challenges.

The Strategy

Using different type of trailers (lowbed trailer, flatbed trailer, curtain trailers) and equipping cranes and forklift for loading and unloading,

Whether you’re moving into a bigger or smaller facility, finding the right footprint and space for your operations will yield major efficiency and cost benefits. If your business is growing, more space means more room for machinery to increase production and meet your customers’ demands. A location change means a new talent pool to tap into, which can be a major benefit when expanding your operations.

A different geographic area also gives you the chance to backfill positions that may have remained open for some time, offering the opportunity to introduce more capabilities into your operations.

The Result

Glaube moved around 40 trailers from Al Karj to Jeddah over a distance of 1,100 KM during 5 days to complete the job. 

A factory re-location change can help you tap into a new customer base that you hadn’t previously been able to address.

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