Good Freight Forwarding Practices: Best practices in international shipping. 

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The logistics industry is quickly adopting new digital processes. Unfortunately, the transportation sector of the global economy needs to be faster to assume digital good freight forwarding. Thus, the many inefficiencies of the old manual methods continue. Even the once-efficient medium of email has fallen victim to the growing inefficiency of the modern business world. To add insult to injury, “nonstandard documents in circulation worldwide” are many and challenging to track down fast. As stated in Logistics Management, customs regulations differ from one jurisdiction to the next and from one commodity to another. A Good freight forwarding‘s ability to provide prompt bids, precise documentation, and high-quality service depends on their familiarity with a small set of industry best practices.

Introducing Glaube Logistics:

Glaube Logistics is a forerunner in expert supply chain efficiency and positive change in emerging markets, making it a top international good freight forwarding and logistics solutions provider in Saudi Arabia. We are one of the top logistics providers in the Kingdom and throughout the world, offering global clients warehousing, integrated supply chain, and air, sea, and road freight services. We have rented warehouse space throughout the Kingdom to satisfy the needs of enterprises and corporations looking to thrive in the most dynamic, rapidly expanding markets.

In what ways are logistics and freight dissimilar?

Before the rise of online shopping, logistics primarily entailed transporting orders from production facilities or warehouses to physical retail locations. Logistics firms now ship clients’ specific orders directly using their fleet of trucks, ships, or planes, adding another layer of complexity to an already complex operation. Then there are 3PLs, or third-party logistics, businesses, which handle storage, distribution, and returns for online retailers.

However, a good freight forwarding often needs to own its vehicles, ships, or other means of transportation. In its place, it negotiates and finds the most affordable shipping routes and costs with various logistics providers via direct partnerships. And most crucially, freight forwarders deal with all the paperwork associated with overseas shipping, making it easier for online retailers to deal with the complexities of international customs and export declarations.

What advantages do use a freight forwarding service have compared to doing it yourself?

  • A freight broker may get you a better deal on your shipping costs:

You won’t have much-negotiating power with carriers unless you tender hundreds of shipments yearly. However, Good freight forwarding might save you money because of the volume they ship.

  • Supply chain issues can be resolved with the assistance of freight forwarders:

Freight forwarders’ ability to investigate alternative transportation models and routes for routine and emergency shipments is facilitated by their collaboration with several carriers. Freight forwarders and their customers often receive priority during periods of limited availability.

  • There will be only one relationship for you to maintain:

Dealing with the many moving parts of the shipping industry, such as airlines, trucking firms, customs brokers, and insurance agents, may be time-consuming and resource-intensive. As a one-stop shop, good freight forwarding handle every aspect of shipping.

  • It could potentially help you save time and money:

Freight forwarders are experts in the intricate world of international shipping. Having professionals handle the work can save time, money, and frustration. According to Cory, Flex port had a specialized staff ready to take the shipments of the reusable stainless-steel vendor when they first started working together.

How to know if you need a freight forwarding service and when to hire one:

A Glaube Logistics freight forwarder’s services should be considered if you already export internationally or want to expand into foreign markets. While some freight forwarders have minimum cargo volumes for ocean and air shipments, Flex port works with businesses of all sizes.


Glaube Logistics firms have a fleet of trucks, ships, and planes to transport purchased goods to their customers. Glaube Logistics freight forwarding helps importers and exporters with the documentation and customs clearance processes and negotiate the best shipping costs and routes with carriers on their client’s behalf.

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