Heavy Cargo: Case study

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Heavy cargo specialist Saudi Arabia

Heavy cargo transportation is done on special equipment known as Hydraulic Modular Trailer or  commonly known, a Hydraulic Axle Trailer. Hydraulic Axle Trailer is used for any loads heavier than 34 tons. Hydraulic Axle has 8 tires in a single row, having a GVW of 18 tons and a tare weight of approx. 4 tons per axle/row. This allows a payload of 14 tons per axle. These are equipped with Hydraulic Suspensions and all Axles are steerable.

Unique cargo requirements like a very heavy cargo with a very small footprint or a very large footprint with relatively lighter weight or overweight cargo with extreme heights are taken care of by many available options of custom attachments. These attachments and technicalities of heavy equipment transportation require a separate article of its own and will be discussed in much detail later.

Heavy cargo provider in Saudi Arabia


According to the terms of the deal the movement of the transformer from Turkey Ex-factory to Jeddah seaport and delivery to the site:

Glaube Logistics was assigned by one of the reputed clients to move their transformer from the factory in Turkey to Jeddah seaport and arrange final delivery to the site. The challenge was to find a suitable vessel with the nearest sailing from a port that is close to the factory and to load the cargo within the free time offered by the vessel owner to avoid any vessel detention that will be a huge financial burden for the client. This was no simple job.


Oversize cargo requires special arrangements, including permits for transportation on the road and special equipment for the ocean crossing.

Glaube utilizing the experience got in touch with multiple ship owners and found a suitable vessel which was located at Derince port.


Once the laycan was confirmed, Glaube coordinated with our counterpart to arrange for cargo pickup using a special multiple axle trailer.

The pre-check list was completed, the cargo reached the port and completed clearance on time to board the vessel as per the schedule.


With years of experience managing international moves, our team had the expertise needed to manage this oversize cargo movement. That also offered access to other partners with the specialized skills and equipment to handle each step of the move.

We  offer unmatched multimodal transport solutions with a range of vehicles that have the capacity you need to move your cargo.

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