How to select the right event logistics provider?: A guide on how to select and work with a logistic company

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Event logistics service

Choosing the correct event logistics partner may be a difficult task for businesses. After all, your company’s reputation and performance are dependent on the trustworthiness of your logistics provider, making an event logistics provider an essential element of any event management. Use these 10 crucial considerations when choosing your ideal event logistics service provider to avoid a logistical nightmare.

Experience & knowledge

It’s doubtful that the supplier has encountered the different issues we confront on a daily basis if they don’t have several years of experience in event logistics.

Years of expertise, however, does not always imply a trouble-free, dependable service. Any event logistics provider’s track record is worth checking. At the very least, look over any testimonials or case studies they have. You might wish to inquire to speak with some of their prior clients for larger assignments.

This is why it’s always important to work with an event logistics expert.


While online tracking is convenient, being able to speak with a real person from the time your delivery is picked up and returned to your location is significantly more convenient. Look for a 24-hour hotline that will connect you with a live person who will tackle any concerns. It’s also beneficial if your supplier has representatives on the ground at your event, even if only for the initial few hours, to ensure that you’re settled in and troubleshoot any issues. Price should always be a consideration, but it should never be the sole factor. When selecting an event logistics provider, don’t forget about the other elements on this checklist.

Event logistics customer 

Add on services

A good event logistics company won’t simply collect and deliver your materials to the venue.  They may offer a variety of services you may require, and it makes sense to utilize the same company for a consistent experience. Perhaps you require the construction and dismantling of your display, or furniture. Alternatively, your packing may be safely kept throughout the event. You might even want to hire furniture and literature displays, or have a new stand designed for the event.

Ease of access

Is the ordering procedure intended to be simple for both you and the provider? If you get a lot of inquiries concerning your consignment, don’t be put off. This is necessary for obtaining an accurate price and confirming that the provider fits your requirements. Is there, however, any form that is straightforward and simple to fill out? Is it possible to speak with a real person about your needs, or is everything automated?


Does the event logistics provider have the necessary equipment to suit your requirements? Vans and trucks that are clean and reliable are just half of the story. Do they have secure warehousing available for storage? What about specialized equipment for loading and unloading large or heavy exhibits and equipment safely?

Venue Knowledge

Each venue has its own peculiarities, so it’s helpful, if not vital, if the firm you choose has previously delivered to this location and is aware of any special requirements or limitations. If the company has a lot of experience, they’ll know a few strategies to prevent or overcome the delivery snarls that might occur during larger events.

Oversees knowledge

If you’re attending an event in another country, you’ll want to make sure the event logistics provider has  expertise within that region. The paperwork alone takes time to complete and can cause major delays if left unfinished. When you consider the complexity of shipping by air or sea, you can see why you don’t want to be an experiment for someone who is just getting started.

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