Understanding Container Types and Their Applicability

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The shipping industry is rapidly growing, and to transport your cargo safely, containers play a significant role. You must be aware of the right container types that suit your goods. If you pick the wrong container, then you may end up destroying your cargo. You will be amazed to know that there are ample numbers of containers available that are helpful for safe transport. Stay tuned to discover them with us in our today’s blog. Let’s get started then.

Different Container Types That You Should Know- 

Dry Storage Container: The first one on the list is a dry storage container. It’s the most common type that you will find in the shipping industry. Usually, they are available in three different sizes, such as 20,40 and 45 feet, and are ideal for dry shipping goods only. Such containers are not suitable for food or chemical goods that require refrigeration. Glaube Logistics is a perfect company to hire for such containers; they are experienced and have qualified staff to look after your shipment and deliver it to its destination safely. 

Open Top Container: Such container types are also ideal for dry ingredients, but the only difference is they are open from the top, which means you can fill your cargo in bulk and then cover the top with some plastic sheet to protect it from rain or storm. 

Flat rack container: Such containers have no top but only two sides. This means you can load your container either from the top or from the sides. It is ideal for heavy cargo. It is durable and heavy in strength because it is made of good quality steel. Usually, it comes under two sizes that are 20 or 40 feet. 

Refrigerated container: Such container types can control temperature easily. If you are into a business that deals in perishable goods, then such containers are good to go. You can pick two different sizes in this category, such as 20 or 40 feet. Contact reliable cargo suitability companies such as Glaube Logistics for hassle-free transport. 

Half-height containers: As the name suggests, these containers are not full in size but are available half in height. Goods like coal and stones can easily be transported in such containers and are easy to unload. Ideal for bulk cargo. 

Special Purpose Containers: Almost any form or size may be created for special purpose containers. They are used to move objects that need special containers designed for them. Because they are expensive to produce and carry, special-purpose containers are often avoided by shipping firms. However, for some loads, this is essential.

How can I reserve different types and sizes of cargo shipping containers with Glaube Logistics? 

You may reserve dry cargo in 20-40-45 (HC) box containers with Glaube. To plan your next container cargo and to check costs, sign up on our site right away. Instant pricing is available on our site, saving you time from needless back-and-forth with quotes.  


Additional paperwork could be needed for certain container types of goods. You may reach us at any point in time in case you have a query regarding your shipment. Our expert team is available to assist you in finding the best shipping solution for your needs. 

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