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our company

Glaube Logistics is one of the top international freight forwarder and logistics solutions providers in Saudi Arabia, leading the way in expert supply chain efficiency and pioneering positive change in emerging markets.

As a company built on the foundation of trust and reliability, we have grown to become one of the largest logistics company in the kingdom and beyond, offering air, sea, and road freight, warehousing, and integrated supply chain services to many countries.

We have leased properties across the Kingdom to meet warehousing demands, helping businesses and companies drive competitiveness and operate in the fastest-growing markets conditions.

In the logistics industry, reliability depends on the successful management along with the real-time distribution of logistics data. For us to give our customers a competitive advantage through fast delivery and accurate shipment, timely information delivery is at the top of our priority. Our information systems provide up to date tracking and historical data associated with every shipment so that our customers can get a clear picture of the services they trust us to deliver on. Providing a problem-free service and solution to our customer’s problems is what we are all about.

our mission

Building trust with our customers while providing an unrivaled logistics service that is not only efficient but also affordable is our main aim at Glaube logistics.

We’ll continuously work hard to deliver innovative experience across our different services with a view to doing what’s right, being socially and environmentally responsible, complying with regulations, and honoring the rules of doing business.

Integrity, partnership, and excellence in doing business is at the heart of our culture at Glaube logistics.

Doing the right thing, working inclusively, taking responsibility to provide personalized service, dedicating ourselves to excellence- all these and more is what we celebrate, encourage, and applaud at Glaube logistics because they are very essential to the promises we’ve made to our valued customers and partners.

We take personal responsibility for the results of our actions by acting safely, being resourceful, and anticipating needs while following through until the job is done.

our Team

The people who work for us are as important to us as the service we provide. 

The logistics industry is fast-paced and dynamic; therefore, it requires a number of experienced hands to keep things moving. Our team is composed of professionals who are well equipped with the knowledge, experience, and skills required to ensure all your needs are met and concerns addressed competitively.

We put together our strength, combining our experience and technical know-how to bring you the best service.

Glaube Logistics is proud of the enthusiasm and doggedness of our team, and we particularly appreciate their collective approach and desire to deliver on the company's goals.