The role of logistics of any event starts from the day of planning to start an event. it includes the management of rental items, warehousing, and delivery of furniture, stands and stage builders, Import of equipment, and re-export after the events. Know the customs procedures if any. To handle such complex multiple tasks successfully, there must be a partner who knows the different aspects of logistics for an event and come up with an effective event logistics plan.

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As a premier specialist in domestic and international exhibition logistics, we take care of all transportation and customs clearance requirements, allowing you to move your exhibits easily and safely to your desired location; we also offer exhibition planning and exhibit warehousing as the case may be.

  • Combined Transports
  • Warehouse
  • Customs Formalities


Ensuring you have a trouble-free event is what we are after as we take part in moving your event stands and setup materials from warehouse to venue or venue to venue. We can arrange for the speedy delivery of your equipment, taking care of all necessary paperwork, and ensure that everything needed to make your event a success is made available. We also make sure your equipment are returned to your desired storage place when the event is over.

  • Transportation
  • Delivery To The Site
  • Warehouse


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  • Camper Van
  • Fully Integrated
  • Travel Trailor
  • Toy Haulers


The main part of an event is to finalize the perfect rental partner. And an event requires wide range of rental item including delivery and pickup. We have got all the necessary Properties and furniture to deck out the event.

  • Tents
  • Stage arrangement
  • Recreational Items
  • Furniture


For the proper management of any event, support of expert security force plays a major role. We offer exceptional safety and security at any event with our fully bonded, insured with proven skills.

  • Concert Security
  • Event Staffs
  • Trade Show Security