We are well experienced in the handling of projects and heavy cargo, we offer tailor-made solutions with multi-model transportation depending on the size and urgency of the cargo.


  • Heavy lift transportation
  • Shipper chartering
  • Air chartering
  • ODC(over dimension cargo) handling and transportation
  • Customs clearance

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Ship chartering case study:

Movement of the transformer from Turkey Ex factory to Jeddah seaport and delivery to the site

Glaube was assigned with one of our reputed clients to move their transformer from the factory at Turkey to Jeddah seaport and arrange final delivery to the site. The challenge was to find a suitable vessel with the nearest sailing from a port that is close to the factory.

Glaube utilizing the experience got in touch with multiple ship owners and found a suitable vessel which was located at Derince port.

Once the laycan was confirmed, we coordinated with our counterpart to arrange for cargo pickup using SMPT and move the unit from the factory to the origin port. We ensured the pre-check list was completed and the cargo reached the port and completed clearance on time to board the vessel as per the schedule.

Air chartering case study

Glaube Logistics, completed air charter from Chengdu, China to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The cargo was 3,600 pieces of air purification units, weighing a total of 110 tons, and the plane used was a Boeing 747 8F.

The initial challenge for Glaube Logistics was to identify the right mode of transport and aircraft to make sure that the cargo could be moved in a single lot as the shipment was very time sensitive.

We spoke with multiple agents and airlines before choosing Volga Dnepr. Our scope of work scope included Ex works (EXW), we had to coordinate with airport authorities, shipper, origin agent, and the airline to make sure everything was well aligned before the arrival of the flight at the Port of loading to avoid any penalty/detention from the airline.

We exceeded the client’s expectations to complete the shipment and made sure that the shipment reached at Riyadh on time, so that our client could deliver the shipment to their client as committed.

Factory re-location

Glaube logistics was assigned to re-locate complete factory equipments from Al Kharj to Jeddah industrial area, based on the scope we had to load the cargo from the factory and offload the cargo the factory in Jeddah.

Using different type of trailers (lowbed trailer, flatbed trailer, curtain trailers) and equipping cranes and forklift for loading and offloading, Glaube moved around 40 trailers from Al Karj to Jeddah over a distance of 1,100 KM during 5 days to complete the job.